Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Total Traffic Network TV is the dominant provider of traffic tools & information to the broadcast industry.

Total Traffic Television partners include large Owned & Operated stations (like Fox, CBS, ABC & NBC) as well as independent broadcasting stations.


  • Long-term contracts with top TV stations across the country
  • More than 300 TV stations nationwide
  • Total Traffic provides stations with traffic information, mapping and graphics, traffic helicopter(s), on-air talent plus online applications.
  • Stations use this vital information, tools and content to create their local news broadcasts.
  • Total Traffic owns 30-second inventory within those newscasts.
  • This inventory is aggregated into a national unwired television platform for advertisers.

Three Screen Solution

  • Dynamic freeway and highway maps with traffic speed, and accident detail graphics that are consistent across three platforms: Web, TV, and mobile devices.
  • Best Data Provider
  • With TTN as the market leader in the gathering of traffic incident data, Sigalert becomes the best source for accuracy. You will receive data from such varied resources as TTN Cameras, DOT cameras, mobile units, and cellular ping technology.
  • Configurable
  • TV affiliates with in-house digital design capabilities can create station-specific look and feel across all screens.
  • Unmatched Ease of Use

With Sigalert, you receive a product that is easy to use, easy to implement.