Sunday, December 17, 2017

HD-Hybrid:  The combination of HD-delivered services as a primary distribution channel for information, with a cellular distribution backup.  Information is simulcasted over HD  and to a proxy application, so an end-user can still receive traffic information and other data services when outside of an HD-broadcast area.  This hybrid service creates ubiquity of service and keep cellular IP costs at a minimum so that data charges only apply when outside of the broadcast network, as opposed to being ‘connected’ all the time.

Total Traffic Network’s HD-Hybrid technology is the most flexible and cost effective solution to accessing dynamic content across the country. TTN HD-Hybrid connects end-users to content through an iHeartRadio portal when HD Radio coverage is unavailable. Leveraging the bandwidth and speed of HD Radio in-market and the freedom of Internet coverage everywhere else for the best possible user experience, TTN HD-Hybrid delivers content to your device anywhere!