Turn ZipPollUSA into valuable revenue opportunities with TTWN.

The ZipPollUSA podcast is part of the suite of TTWN services and is broadcast on hundreds of radio stations across the country.

With ZipPollUSA affiliate stations receive a 60 second audio segment designed to engage audiences with trending topics from the ZipPollUSA App. The podcast is hosted by nationally known radio personality Christina Stoffo and designed to sound like an entertainment segment rather than a commercial. This equals less tune-outs when positioned inside a traditional radio commercial stop-set.


In the world of trending news, conversation is everything. Zip – The Question Answer App constantly measures national opinions on the biggest stories of the day and receives over one million answers to questions every month. Zip’s polling is certified and is statistically reliable within 3-5%, depending on pool size. TTWN turns this exclusive content into a new revenue stream for affiliate radio stations.

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